fredag 20 januari 2017

The greatest people never get inaugurated

This is not my novel and not my true story, but I bring forth storytellers far more talented than me!
The swedish director Johannes Nyholm has created this touching and important little film about being an outsider, about societies standards regarding who is important and productive and Who is not. This is the story about a young man born with a severe handicap. This is the story of love, support and courage far beyond the presidential sight.
This the story about crossed boundaries and lessons learned. We sat there, overwhelmed, laughing, crying,  wanting to rush up and protect.  
We have a small filmclub at home in our town, I have told you about that great little cinema we have. Old and beautiful, handled carefully and lovingly by a family with a burning passion for good film and cultural events .

The film club is run by equally passionated people. That gives us a great opportunity to watch films we would not reach otherwise.

Is this world where one new leader after the other takes charge and points out a road to oblivion, leading their own people right into the voids and shadows, we need to remember that greatness has nothing to do with power really. But it has a whole lot to do with love, integrity and courage.  It's people who looks beyond , people who sticks to their believes and values, people who makes us come to a halt, breathing the air, noticing the scenery, listening to the voices of others, caring for the welfare of people we never met, people that makes us strong and clearsighted.  Some of them are great leaders in politics, most of them are not.
The film is shot with the aid of ordinary people, no great actors, just ordinary people and everyday life. The story could happend anywhere in the world, the image of the giant is an image of the greatness in the small and battered little man, trying to find it's strenght and purpose.  The Giant is an important film and I hope it will reach a filmfestival close to you.

And another one, a serious comedy : "A man called Ove", I'd love to bring you. It's directed by Hannes Holm and is heading for the Oscar!!
That film is really not about a man at all, it's about the surprise life offers when you actually thought everything was over . The greatness lies in what you can discover if you dare open your mind for just a brief moment, and invite kindness. I challenge myself to do this, with the courage my faith gives me.  Besides this important lesson, this film will make you laugh and think.

I'll add a trailer for that one as well, so you can have something else to think about in times of lunacy and demolition of common sense and compassion.

 The world shrunk with those 35 words spoken today, God bless us all.  May it come out differently than we fear.  May greatness be given a whole new meaning before it's too late!!!

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